Women’s Redressal Cell and Women’s Study Cell ensure and promote activities that uplift and give wings to women’s aspirations and confidence. It endorses health care consciousness, family care assistance, legal awareness, social alertness and also sensitizes students on gender related issues through workshops, seminars and awareness campaigns. It serves as a platform for students to have deliberations on their concerns over living as females in this era. The Women’s Study Cell focuses on empowering the students by imparting vocational training in tailoring, embroidery, beauty, toy making etc. Women’s redressal cell functions purely to safeguard the rights of female students. The conveners of both the cells readily meet up in case of any complaints from the part of girl students and facilitate speedy delivery of justice. They also make sure that every girl student in the campus is treated with respect and get legal support if necessary. It thus becomes a pivotal hub that holds the sorority in harmony.

Committee Members

Smt. Nicey L. John (HOD, department of English)

Dr Jisha V T ( Assistant Professor, Department of Physics)

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