The National Service Scheme is an Indian Government sponsored flagship for Public Service Programme conducted by the ministry of youth affairs and sports of the Government of India. The Scheme was launched in Gandhi centenary year in 1969. Main Motto is “Not me but you”. It mainly focussed the personality development and life skill development of volunteers and rural village development through community extension activities

NSS units take projects like stream clearing, house building, library construction, plastic eradication, rain water harvesting, bio farming etc and successfully completed all the programmes by the support of public people and government. Every year we conducted two blood donation camps. Around 50 rare group donors donated the blood to Sree Chithra Medical institution. Every NSS volunteers completed 240 hours work in their two academic years. There are two NSS unit in the college and every year 200 students enrolled as NSS volunteers. Two programme officers along with principal and advisory committee leading these units.

2014 - 2015     |     2015 - 2016    |     2016 - 2017     |     2017 - 2018    |     2018 - 2019

Programme officers

Sri Aby R L - Department of Commerce

Dr Sreepriya R S- Department of Chemistry

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