The eco-club in the college functions with the intention of ensuring a clean and green environment. Eco club attempts to make the students realize the importance of a healthy atmosphere within the institution. Students are empowered to participate and take up ecological activities. They can influence their parents and general public and make them aware of the conservational strategies through this forum. They also engage in imparting environmental values to others and adopt various ecofriendly approaches for conservation and preservation of environment.

Objectives of the Eco Club:
• To create awareness on ecological degradation and the need for conservation of eco system.
• To encourage the students to plant trees in the college premises.
• To sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags and to ensure that the campus remains a Plastic Free Zone.
• To generate alertness on conservation of water.
• To preserve natural resources and to prevent pollution.
• To establish herbal gardening in the college campus.
• To create awareness on the impacts of environmental issues among the public.

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