1. Every student should wear his/her identity card inside the College Campus.
2. Every student shall attend classes regularly.
3. Students who come late may enter the class only after obtaining the permission of the teacher.
4. No student shall leave the classroom before the class is dismissed.
5. Students are expected to move quickly and quietly when they go from one class to another for combine classes.
6. Students are not allowed to loiter in the verandah during class hours. If students have no class, they must either go to the library or remain in their classrooms and spend the time usefully.
7. Students should consider College property as their own and should not cause any damage.
8. Use of liquor, cigarettes, pan masala and other natcotic substances strictly prohibited. In the College Campus students found with these articles will be dismissed.
9. Changes in residential address and contact number should be reported to the office immediately.
10. Disobedience, irregular attendance, malpractice in examinations, habitual carelessness, bad conduct, bad manners and non-observance of the rules of the College shall be met with strict disciplinary action without my warning.
11. Loss of property may be reported and lost property found should be handed over to the office.
12. Students should be neatly and modestly dressed. There will be uniform dress code for the first and second year students in 20162017. Wearing uniform of political parties, organisations, communal groups etc. is strictly forbidden.
13. While attending a meeting in the College, students should behave with decorum towards guests. They should remain in their seats till the meeting is over and refrain from any noisy exhibition of approval or disapproval.
14. When a student meets a member of the College staff, he/she must greet him/her respectfully.
15. Students shall stand up quietly when teachers or other College authorities or accredited visitors enter the class and keep standing until they are asked to sit down.
16. Do not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture, etc. with graffiti, posters, etc. The College campus is under CCTV surveillance.
17. For achieving academic excellence and all round personality development of the individual, the College and the Campus are meant only for academic and related activities as allowed by the College authorities. Party politics and partisan political activities are strictly prohibited in the College or its campus as per the order of the Honourable High Court of Kerala dt. 31.10.2011 and as per the resolution of the Governing Board of Christian College, Kattakada (Society of Higher Education of the CSI, South Kerala Diocese) dt. 11.12.2006.

Hence no student shall do or involve himself / herself directly or indirectly in any of the following activities:
(a) Hoisting or diplay of flags, posters, bills, banners or circulating notices of any political party or student organisations.
(b) Shouting slogans for or against management, any political party or student organisation.
(c) Conducting or participating in any meeting, rally, Jatha, etc, in the college premises for or against political party / political combines or student organisation.
(d) Canvassing votes, collecting subscriptions or donations for and on behalf of any such party / combines or student organisation.
(e) Conducting any election on political basis unless specifically allowed by the college authorities.
(f) Taking politicians or political activists to the College campus for political meetings or campaigns or related activities.
(g) Any other political action that may be specified by the Principal or other college authorities from time to time.
Every student should strictly abide by this rule and it is a pre-condition for admission to the College and any student violating this rule shall not be eligible to continue his / her studies in the College and the Principal is empowered to dismiss him / her on that sole reason.

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