The financial resources of the institution are:

1. Government funds, including Kerala Government, UGC funds, DIST-FIST
funds, And projects undertaken 2. Parent- teachers Association
3. Management fund
4. Tuition fee and
5. Scholarships

The funds are mainly used to improve the academic activities, research facility and developing the infrastructure. The college planning board assists the Principal in the optimal utilization of the funds related to projects and grants. The College governing council, including members of the management and the Principal, manages the effective utilization of the management fund. The PTA has a salient role and forms an inevitable source of finance in supporting the curricular and co- curricular activities in the campus. The scholarships, and poor-aid fund to deserving students are also supportive to the student fraternity. Annual auditing is done to ensure the transparency and accountability of the fund utilization. An employee’s co-operative society functioning in the college has loan facility and supply materials to the staff and students at a discount rate.

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