The overall development of the college is monitored by the Management. The major funds utilized for the enrichment of infrastructural facilities are from the government (DST-FIST, KSCSTE SARD etc.), Management and the PTA. A nominal amount is collected from the UG and PG students at the time of admission and made as PTA fund for providing facilities to improve the physical as well as academic state of affairs of the college.

• Laboratory
The Heads of the respective Departments supervise the research, PG and UG laboratories. Laboratories are freely accessible to all the students but strictly monitored by a member of the faculty who is in charge of the lab course. The research-related facilities are made use of by the research scholars of the College under the supervision of the respective Research Guides, Heads of the Departments and the coordinator of the research committee. The laboratories are well utilized during and after the working hours . Log books are being maintained to monitor the use of analytical equipment in the lab.

• Central Library
Library Committee monitors the development of the library. Library is kept open from 9.30AM to 4 PM from Monday to Saturday. The books are given to the students for a period of 15 days which can be extended on request. The requirements send by the departments in the beginning of the academic year and annual meeting suggests the purchase of books as per the norms of the college. The Central library is equipped with facilities and resources in the form of books, e-journals, e-books, audio video cassettes, journals, Digital resources, etc.. Bar code system has been implemented for the issue of books to the students.

• Sports Complex
The sports courts, grounds, indoor stadium and the physical fitness centre are maintained and upgraded as per the requirements. The students are provided with sports accessories during the early mornings and evenings. Sports facilities are under the control of the department of Physical Education . The sports complex is maintained with the support of sufficient ground markers to ensure all the sports fields in good condition. The fitness centre is open to all the students. Separate registers are maintained to monitor the utilization of the facilities. However, for daily use of the playgrounds for practicing games like foot ball, basket ball etc no permission is needed. Students are free to use them during intervals and after the class hours.

• Computers
Computer labs are under the control of respective course tutors. The maintenance of the lab is usually carried out using the fund released by the PTA and the management.

• Classroom
A Class room is allotted to a batch for the three years study. Class room facilities are monitored by the class tutors.

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