Twenty first century has posed new and greater challenges to educational institutions, which have witnessed the changes brought about by organizational environment through liberalization, privatization, and globalization. The interest and responsibilities of the stake holders as well as the needs and expectations of customers and competitors have also changed. The scarcity of physical, financial, human and information resources is a challenging one. Therefore, strategic plan should be crafted and executed to face the above challenges. ‘Enter to learn and go out to serve’ is the motto of the college and the college commits to maintain high educational standards imparting quality education and implanting personal integrity and humanity, thereby making them God quotient and responsible citizens.. The college, established in the year 1965 has a great role in the up-liftment of the socio-economic status of the entire community.
 To strengthen programs and services that address the learning needs of students by providing a safe, accessible campus with smart classrooms, laboratory and technology.
 To plan and maximize the use of research, review and student outcome assessment.
 To strengthen student mentoring programs like WWS, SSP and ASAP.
 To maximize the use of all types of resources-physical, technical and personal resources via effective planning and resources management.
 To integrate planning and budget development through systematic review and evaluation.
 To enhance the college’s public image and importance in the educational community through effective collaboration with education, business, governmental and service organizations.
 To enhance the quality of the faculty members and encourage them to do research, undertake projects and to improve the sense of collegiality among them. Also to develop a formal mentoring program for faculty.

Empowerment of women is one of the major vision accomplishments by the year 2025 by providing them with an education system that helps to inculcate the character, strong will, skill and knowledge to make them self- reliant and self-confident. This vision is well supported by the activities of NCC, SCM, women’s study cell, women’s redressel cell and career guidance cell.
 Commencement of two UG and two PG programs.
 B.Voc courses in Food Processing & Management and Pharmaceutical

 Upgrade PG departments as research centres with at least two research guide from each department.
 Finishing school concept to be introduced.
 Become a centre of excellence in skill education.
 Find better placements for students by conducting regular career guidance programs in collaboration with institutions, research centres and alumni.
 Construct student friendly infrastructure.
 Provide hostel facility for boys.
 Construct football ground/cricket/ basket ball court/gallery.
 Make the college a centre for cultural exchange and centre for ethnic and local art forms.
 Expand training programs in sports through linkages with sports organizations, associations and alumni of the college.

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