The main aim of Entrepreneurship club is to help students to identify new business ideas in them and thereby help to develop future business leaders. The Entrepreneurship Club is a club which makes business men for the future and generates employment opportunities. It’s ultimate aim is to cater and develop economic and social wellbeing of students. It is our goal to educate students in many aspects of entrepreneurship emphasizing more on good business ethics, taking right business decisions while maximizing Proliving conditions. Start ups are most important for societial development nowadays because it can increase our standared of living. The entrepreneurship club in our college acts as an asset to make students self reliable for future.

Aim and objectives
● To impart skill and knowledge to make Students to have the appropriate business aspiration and idea.
● The Club aims to provide leadership and training to aspiring young students to pursue their business ownership dream at collegiat Level.
● The Club aims to help students to undergo for a startup business idea, to teach them basic strategies of business.
● To pave ways for the development of quality innovative entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in national and Global Business Market.

2015 - 2016     |     2016 - 2017    |     2017 - 2018     |     2018 - 2019    |     2019 - 2020


Sri Aby R L, Department of Commerce

Smt Bency Johnson- Department of Commerce
Sri Nishad N K -Department of Commerce
Smt. Viyola J R- Department of Commerce

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