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club activities

College Club Activities


Tourism Club

Tourism Club functioning in the College is registered with the Trivandrum District Tourism Promotion Council headed by the District Collector. The Club functions as per the guidelines of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. Sri. Charles Finny S. L. (HOD, Dept. of Chemistry) and Smt. Viyola J. R. (Dept. of Commerce) are the Co-ordinators of the Club.


Quiz Club

Students interested in quiz competitions can become
members after a screening test. They will be grouped into teams and sent for various competitions. Most Rev. Dr. I. Jesudasan Inter-Collegiate Quiz competition is conducted every year. The club will function under the guidance of Sri. Charles Finny S.L (HOD, Dept. of Chemistry).


The Debating Club

Students interested in public speaking, debate and
elocution can join the debating club. This club will function under the guidance of Sri. Aby R. L (Dept. of Commerce) and Dr. Shalini S. V. (Dept. of History).


Eco Club

and its wonders, the club will arrange field visits, discussions and seminars. This club will function under the guidance of Dr. Lubaina A.S. (Dept. of Botany) and Dr. Pradeesh S. (Dept. of Botany).


English Club

The objective of the club is to develop the communicative skills of the students. It also aims at the development of the personality of the students thus equipping them to secure placement in the job market. Smt. Nicey L. John and Smt. Hima J. Babu (Dept. of English) are in charge of the Club.


Hindi Club

The objective of the club is to develop the communicative skills of the students. Dr. Reeja R.S. (Dept. of Hindi) is in-charge of the club.


Literary Club

The club arranges and conducts seminars, discussions,etc. on literary and other related subjects. Smt. Prathibha (Dept. of Malayalam) Smt. Hima J. Babu (Dept. of English) and Dr. Reeja R. S. (Dept. of Hindi) are in charge of the club. A book club is also
functioning along with the Literary Club.


Women's Club

It has been functioning for several years for the all round welfare and development of women staff members and students. Dr. D. Shiney Manoj (Dept. of Physics), Smt. Hima J. Babu (Dept. of English) and Smt. Divya Mohan (Dept. of Chemistry) are the President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively


Forestry Club

Forestry Club functions in the College with the assistance of the Forest Department of the State Government. Dr. R. Felix (Dept. of Botany) and Dr. Arun Raj (Dept. of Botany) are in-charge of this Club.


Entrepreneurship Club

This club functions with the assistance of the State Government and aims at enlightening students regarding possibilities in the field of Commerce and Business Sri. Aby. R. L (Dept of Commerce) is the
Co-ordinator and Smt. Bency Johnson, Sri. Nishad N. K, Smt.Viyola J. R. (Dept. of Commerce) are the committee members.


Media Club

This club will function this year under the guidance of
Sri. Hari V.G. (Dept. of Statistics) and Sri. Mahesh S. (Dept. of Botany). The Club aims to give its members exposure to New Media Technologies and Open Source Initiatives. There will also be sessions for viewing and appreciating acclaimed movies and documentary films.


Health Club

Health club gives proper awareness on matters related to health and hygiene. It aims in the holistic development of students. Ms. Jasmine R.  (Head, Dept. of Zoology) and Dr. Bindhulekha (Dept. of Zoology) are in charge of this club.


Environment Club

This club aims in creating awareness about the local
environmental needs of the campus. This club helps in bettering the natural beauty of the campus. It also instill a sense of responsibility and personal commitment to protect the environment. Dr. Felix R.
(Dept. of Botany) and Dr. Saji kumar (Dept.of Physics) are in charge of this club.

Sealed tenders are invited from the eligible firms for the supply and installation of Double beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer under KSCSTE Project in the Department of Botany, Christian College, Kattakada.

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